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  • Saračević & Gazibegović

    SGL was founded by its current managing partners, Ms Emina Saracevic and Mr Adis Gazibegovic, who worked for over a decade for an elite group of international and local law firms and were involved in most of the major legal projects performed in the local market.

    Besides personal capacities, it is such experience that made their newly founded law firm leverage from, in a way of understanding both positive and negative sides, to local and international law firms and establishing a unique form of a law firm that is as efficient and high quality service provider as an international law firm, but at the same time locally rooted and aware of fine lines in communication and “getting the job done” with the local stakeholders.

  • Most of all, what made Ms Saracevic and Mr Gazibegovic able to undertake the risk of leaving the safe-harbor of international law firm and start their own practice, is the fact that they were always ready and willing to put the interests of their clients and the practice before their own. Such devotion to the work entrusted, the confidence to challenge existing thinking and to push boundaries, made SGL emerge as a distinctive service provider in the legal market of the region, with focus on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    Besides providing legal assistance in the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina SGL has close ties with other recognized law firms in the region (i.e. Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, and Macedonia) ensuring in that way regional support to their clients.

  • The focus of the firm is business law covering variety of legal services starting with advising foreign investors on how to enter a challenging market of Bosnia and Herzegovina, continuing with representation in all relevant procedures of starting up a business, and finally protecting the interests of their clients in relation to day-to-day operations of the same, including communication with local authorities and representation before courts.

    We are advising a quickly growing group of highly successful international clients that are active in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the entire southeast European region;references are available upon specific request.